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In the entertainment industry, the old adage “time is money” is no cliché!  Studio executives keep their fingers on the pulse, juggling hectic schedules, cultivating talent, while sorting through hundreds of scripts piled sky-high on their desks.  If you have an opportunity to catch an executive’s attention, your project better be a winner! Time is truly of the essence. And competition? Well, let’s just say it’s fierce.

Did you know the average agent receives 200+ query letters a day?  So, your writing better be salacious and entice that producer with only a few short words. That’s all that you get. The last thing you want to do is blow your shot.  So whatever you say, it better be hot! Success Write Now is equipped with the hands on experience and linguistic skills to move your project to the next phase.  We know the WOW factor needed to place your project closer to the call back you deserve!

Need a query letter? No problem! T. Marie Bell has written numerous to New York City agents and Los Angeles literary boutiques that resulted in four words every writer wants to hear, “Please send your manuscript”. She’s great at what she does. Her passion bleeds through every page to formulate a winning masterpiece so you don’t have to.

T. Marie brings out the best in your project.  Her focus is to ensure  your script is inline with studio standards, professionally written, and ultimately rocks. You’ve spent months or even years on that awesome idea.  Don’t risk your big shot at success by submitting a sloppy script. There is nothing more humiliating than sending endless query letters and scripts only to receive countless rejection letters in return. Turn that bad luck around. Let T. Marie show you how!


Services Offered:


Literary Services
Query Letter
*Proofread + Critique               
Book Proposal
*Proofread +Consultation  
*Write + Research+ Create
Manuscript (Book)
**Proofread +Critique  
*Write/ Ghostwrite 
Film Services
*Create Synopsis:
*Proofread + Critique   
*Create Your New Treatment:                              
*Proofread +Evaluation 
Draft Full Screenplay: (Options)
*Draft full-script as Co-Author
*Ghostwrite full-script 
Television Services
Reality Show Treatment
*Proofread+ Critique                         
*Create New Treatment



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